Health and fitness

Fit and healthy

Finally! After 2 months of knee pain and enforced rest I went for a run last night and finished it without any discomfort!

It’s been a very frustrating couple of months and it would have been easy to get down about things (a knee injury being just one of many problems we’ve gone through recently) but on the plus side all the spare time has meant I can concentrate on other hobbies, like cooking and music. Continue reading “Fit and healthy”

Health and fitness

One month of sloth and counting

A month ago I went for a run. It was nothing spectacular, just a short 3k jog round Banchory. Not long after starting I felt some pain in my knee, this is when I made a mistake. Instead of stopping, turning round and going home I continued my run for the full route. Then I spent the next week having to push my self up and down stairs using the banisters as I couldn’t put any weight on my leg when it bent. Oops. Continue reading “One month of sloth and counting”