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Running year so far

The main reason I’ve not been posting to the blog as often as in the past is that I’ve been incredibly busy this year. Between wedding planning, work (something that sadly gets in the way of fun all too often) and various other commitments I haven’t been able to find the time to come up with interesting blog posts. One thing that’s been taking up a huge amount of my time this year is running.

Now I’ve posted about fitness and running before but I thought I’d go into a bit more with this post and go over some of the training and events I’ve done this year. Continue reading “Running year so far”

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Punishment and reward



On saturday I was up bright and early to take part in the 5k parkrun race at Aberdeen beach. Despite the bitter cold making for a very frosty route, it was a beautiful clear morning and I was very happy with a time of 26 minutes. Not bad for my first time at the race and something to build on for the next time.

Later on as a reward for my efforts we nipped over to Buchanan’s for lunch. For the second time I was thwarted in my plan to try their awesome looking meat hotpots by them switching to a chicken pot for that day’s menu. Instead I went for a ragout of chestnuts, mushrooms, aubergine and haricot beans. This was one if the most delicious veggie dishes I’ve ever had! Very rich and filling. If I ever turn my back on meat I’d be happy knowing I could eat food like this.