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One month of sloth and counting

A month ago I went for a run. It was nothing spectacular, just a short 3k jog round Banchory. Not long after starting I felt some pain in my knee, this is when I made a mistake. Instead of stopping, turning round and going home I continued my run for the full route. Then I spent the next week having to push my self up and down stairs using the banisters as I couldn’t put any weight on my leg when it bent. Oops.

Now, a month later my leg was feeling pretty good. There had been no major relapses aside from a short lived bit of pain after a hill walk, but since then I’d not done any exercise at all and I was getting bored. Normally I have Taekwondo training twice a week plus some 3-5k jogs or hill sprints if the weather’s dry. Maybe some walking or cycling at the weekends. For the last month I’d done absolutely nothing. It was starting to show as well, it was just my luck to be injured at the same time as I turned 30 and spent 2 weeks drinking and eating excessively.

With a view to returning to training I went for a nice, easy run last night. Determined to take it slowly and not push my knee too hard. Halfway through the pain started again. By about 10 o’clock last night my leg was really sore and causing me a lot of discomfort going up and down stairs. It’s a bit better now but it’s so frustrating. My plan had been to return to training on Wednesday all being well but that’s going to have to be shelved now. Taekwondo puts a lot of pressure on the knee (I have a sneaking suspicion the original injury may have been caused by failing to break a board with kicks and just got aggravated by running) so if I can’t manage a little jog there’s no point in trying full training.

Guess I should make an appointment with my GP to get it looked at properly. Pretty sure all they’ll say is that I need to rest it, which is great advice. Unfortunately as regular readers may be aware I quite like to eat a lot and a prolonged period of rest doesn’t help me maintain my nice svelte figure! Ok, that’s a joke but one of my big worries is that the hard work I put into shedding fat through exercise will be undone by a prolonged injury or rest period. Not to mention the fact that until my knee started hurting last night I was loving being out running again. It sucks just sitting on my bum all the time and not getting that high after you know you’ve pushed yourself through a really good training session. Sore knee aside, I felt ace last night after the run.

I need cheering up. Pass the chocolate.

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