Health and fitness

Fit and healthy

Finally! After 2 months of knee pain and enforced rest I went for a run last night and finished it without any discomfort!

It’s been a very frustrating couple of months and it would have been easy to get down about things (a knee injury being just one of many problems we’ve gone through recently) but on the plus side all the spare time has meant I can concentrate on other hobbies, like cooking and music.

Two months of a fairly sedentary lifestyle which has coincided with turning 30 and the oncoming juggernaut of Christmas hasn’t done my waistline any good. I’ve tried to do little bits of exercise here and there but it’s hard when all the stuff I enjoy doing involves lots of pressure on the legs and knees.

Now I’m really looking forward to getting out and pounding the pavements again, unfortunately there’s more snow forecast. Maybe I should invest in some of the small spikes that strap onto your trainers I saw in a running shop today.

I need to take it easy and not try to do too much too soon. It’s very tempting to stick the trainers on again tonight but I think I should ease back in slowly to minimise the risk of injuring the knee again. Having said that my imagination is starting to get ahead of myself and I’ve started looking at lists of 10k events in 2011 and planning which ones I want to run. I think the Lumphanan detox 10k on Jan 2nd might come a little too soon for me!

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