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Pork medallions with cider gravy

Just a quick recipe post for this one. Frankly it didn’t turn out nearly as good as I hoped. I’ve finally given up on low-fat creme fraiche now. It’s just no use for cooking at all. Every time I try to gently introduce it to a sauce it splits and curdles, producing an unpleasant mess of a gravy.

So imagine the picture you see here has a lovely, creamy cider sauce poured over the pork instead of the thin gravy I ended up with after abandoning the creme fraiche (I’d tried adding it in tiny amounts at a time without too much heat, didn’t work).

Serves 2

1 pack 6 pork medallions
1 bottle of good cider
200 ml chicken stock
Chopped sage
1 tsp English mustard
Double cream or full fat creme fraiche

Season and fry the medallions for 12-15 mins
Leave in a warm place to rest
Deglaze the pan with half the cider, drink the rest
Add the stock, stir in the mustard and reduce by half
Sprinkle in the sage
Pour in the resting juices from the pork
Thicken with some cream or creme fraiche
Serve the medallions with the cider sauce, mashed potato and some seasonal veg.

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