Another link in the chain

The Inspiration Chain is continuing to grow. The latest link in the chain saw Kate at Domestikated send Lou at Please Do Not Feed The Animals a copy of the Wagamama cookbook.

If you want to get involved, it’s easy just visit Please Do Not Feed The Animals and leave a comment on her Inspiration Chain post. She’ll put the names in a hat and get her kids to choose one at random. The lucky winner will win a copy of Nigel Slater’s Appetite.

Good luck!


Inspiration Chain Update

The second link in the Inspiration Chain is up! Kate at domestikated was the lucky recipient of my link, Ripailles by Stephane Reynaud.

Now she’s put up the second offering for the chain, The Wagamama Cookbook. To get involved head on over to

The Inspiration Chain is a blogging chain passing on sources of inspiration from one blog to another. I gave away a book that always gives me great ideas and makes me want to cook, Ripailles, and the idea is that whoever receives that book gives away another book on their blog that inspires them. The chain continues like that as long as we can keep it going. Keep track of the Inspiration Chain progress at the dedicated chain page.

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The Inspiration Chain

Photo by mab2413 on flickr
Taking a cue from an excellent idea for a competition over at A Wee Bit Of Cooking I’m proposing something similar but with a small twist. I liked the idea of passing on a copy of your favourite, most inspiring cookery book so much that I thought it would be great if everyone did it.

So with this blog post I’m starting The Inspiration Chain!

Basically it will work like this – I’ll kick it off by offering up a book that inspires my cooking. Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the book will post a comment with a story, joke, poem, or just a good reason why they should get it and after a few days I’ll pick a recipient. The book will be ordered through Amazon and delivered to the recipient who then posts a similar offer on their blog, offering a copy of their favourite book to a chosen recipient. After a few days they pick someone, send them the book and that person then follows suit and offers a copy of their favourite book. Simple. Continue reading “The Inspiration Chain”