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The Inspiration Chain

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Taking a cue from an excellent idea for a competition over at A Wee Bit Of Cooking I’m proposing something similar but with a small twist. I liked the idea of passing on a copy of your favourite, most inspiring cookery book so much that I thought it would be great if everyone did it.

So with this blog post I’m starting The Inspiration Chain!

Basically it will work like this – I’ll kick it off by offering up a book that inspires my cooking. Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the book will post a comment with a story, joke, poem, or just a good reason why they should get it and after a few days I’ll pick a recipient. The book will be ordered through Amazon and delivered to the recipient who then posts a similar offer on their blog, offering a copy of their favourite book to a chosen recipient. After a few days they pick someone, send them the book and that person then follows suit and offers a copy of their favourite book. Simple.

I’d like to track involvement in the chain so if you receive a book and send one out please send a quick email to theinspirationchain[at] saying which blog sent the book out, what the book was and who received it. I’ll update a page here to display who’s taking part and I’ll post updates to the UKFBA site as well.

The chain doesn’t need to end, keep it going for as long as it can. If it all goes well I’ll start another chain next year and we can make it a regular thing.

To start the whole thing off I’m giving away a copy of Ripailles by Stephane Reynaud, which I wrote about in a previous blog. If you’d like to be the first link in the inspiration chain then simply post a comment on this page, the more entertaining the better. In a few days I’ll choose the lucky recipient of the book and contact them to get their details. Once it’s sent out I’ll update the main Inspiration Chain page with the first link.

Feel free to spread the word, get as many people involved in the chain as possible to spread some inspiration!

Closing date is Friday 29th October.

9 thoughts on “The Inspiration Chain”

  1. Hi Christopher – this is a great idea, might I suggest that you use The Book Depository instead? (Don’t worry, I don’t work for them, but their prices are similar to Amazon but they have free shipping anywhere in the world (which is handy for those of us who aren’t in the UK). Check them out here:
    I have a copy of Ripailles, which I love looking at but shamefully have never cooked from!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have been wracking my brains for a joke or poem or something but the pressure is too much. Instead I’ll just be boring and put in my plea –
    I’d like the book because I had never heard of it in my life before until I saw you had mentioned it on a previous post and now I’m intrigued. Although, to be fair, if I don’t win this copy I’ll order a copy from the library to have a look at and then decide if I want to buy it for myself. I think finding out what other people find inspiring is always fascinating.

  3. I think this is a genius idea… i too have a copy of Ripailles but I do have 2 copies of Anjum Anand’s – New Indian and 2 copies of Valentine Warners – What to eat now, both happy to give away or swap for something I don’t have… so what do I do next?

  4. Kate, no you’re not too late. I’ll officially keep it open until the weekend but to be honest I’m not going to be here so won’t be checking the entries until Tuesday 2nd. Thanks for taking part!

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