Trying to find low fat recipes

My girlfriend has got gallstones; until she’s able to get rid of them this severely restricts what she can eat, which also means it severely restricts what I can cook. Obviously this isn’t ideal, especially as I love the fat. At the moment I’m totally craving some roast pork with crackling but you make sacrifices for those that are close to you.

However I do still need to cook something and I’m sure it’s possible to make delicious food but still be very low in fat. Fish and shellfish have been winners so far and some extra lean mince has provided some bolognese and chilli. You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned some substitutions in recent recipes, well this is the reason why. Low fat creme fraiche has been a saviour, enabling me to continue making creamy sauces without having to pour in fatty cream.

I’m running out of ideas now. Every recipe I want to try that I find online or in my books seem to contain bacon, cream, butter, cheese or lots of oil. I need help. I want recipes for chicken, beef and pork that are low in fat. Game is good (the pheasant I posted recently was excellent) but hard to get for every day meals.

Does anyone out there have any good suggestions?

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