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The Inspiration Chain

Photo by mab2413 on flickr
Taking a cue from an excellent idea for a competition over at A Wee Bit Of Cooking I’m proposing something similar but with a small twist. I liked the idea of passing on a copy of your favourite, most inspiring cookery book so much that I thought it would be great if everyone did it.

So with this blog post I’m starting The Inspiration Chain!

Basically it will work like this – I’ll kick it off by offering up a book that inspires my cooking. Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the book will post a comment with a story, joke, poem, or just a good reason why they should get it and after a few days I’ll pick a recipient. The book will be ordered through Amazon and delivered to the recipient who then posts a similar offer on their blog, offering a copy of their favourite book to a chosen recipient. After a few days they pick someone, send them the book and that person then follows suit and offers a copy of their favourite book. Simple. Continue reading “The Inspiration Chain”