Steamed and braised haddock with colcannon

It’s been a while since I chose a recipe out of a book and then set out to buy the necessary ingredients and follow it as closely as possible. Post-Christmas, having received a few books as presents it’s time to break out of the making it up as I go along groove I”ve been in lately.

The excellent River Cottage Fish book is the one I decided would supply tonight’s dinner and I settled on a recipe for steamed/braised ling. Because Tesco’s is shit and it didn’t have any of the white fish Hugh recommended I decided to go for haddock. It was either that or Vietnamese cobbler. Seemed a better idea to go for the fish that had only travelled a few hundred miles instead of a few thousand. Continue reading “Steamed and braised haddock with colcannon”


Restaurant Pet Hate – Crap Veg

Imagine you’ve just ordered dinner at your favourite restaurant, or perhaps somewhere you’ve been saving for a special occasion. The dishes sound amazing on the menu and it looks superb when it arrives, golden-brown, succulent meat. Thick, rich sauce and plenty of it! Then you notice the veg. Continue reading “Restaurant Pet Hate – Crap Veg”