Asparagus, prosciutto and egg pizza


Watching the Scottish cup final and getting ready for the champions league final by relaxing with some homemade pizza and some kriek. Perfect lazy Saturday.

This is possibly the best pizza I’ve ever made.

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Homemade Pizza

Is there anything better on a Saturday night than beer and pizza? As long as we’re not talking a can of Tennents and a supermarket oven pizza anyway! There’s no excuse for not making your own pizza now and then and it’s guaran-damn-teed to be much better than the frozen ones.

Basically, if you can make bread you can make pizza. It’s really just dough stretched and rolled extra thin so it cooks quickly with a crispy crust. You can do it by hand using the recipe below or chuck it all in a machine to make the dough. The hardest bit is the sauce and if you’re not in the mood to make that you can just buy a jar of passata with herbs as a perfectly good alternative. Continue reading “Homemade Pizza”


Bella Italia, St Andrews vs homemade lasagne

I should be clear about this, as the title of this post could be confusing. The homemade lasagne was entirely seperate from Bella Italia. The two should definitely not be confused as I doubt anything at Bella Italia could be confused for homemade. So, this weekend was definitely an up and down one from a food perspective. Continue reading “Bella Italia, St Andrews vs homemade lasagne”

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Pizza is good for you!

Now I’m normally very skeptical about news stories regarding scientific research and food. More often than not they’re just PR puff pieces masquerading as news and the study in question has been commissioned by the food companies themselves or their PR puppets.

However, I really, really want this one to be true:

Unfortunately even the journo who wrote the article doesn’t sound convinced (I guess the clue should also be that he’s the editor of a journal called The Annals of Improbable Research). But like similar stories regarding red wine, beer and chocolate I’ll continue to cling on to the vain hope that they’re doing me some good.