Atlantis at The Mariner – leaving my twenties behind

My twin brother and I turned 30 on Wednesday. Don’t think that’s quite sunk in yet. Putting aside our grief for lost youth we’d arranged a family meal at Atlantis, the restaurant attached to the Mariner Hotel on Great Western Road, Aberdeen. I used to live near this restaurant and had been eyeing it up for a few years, waiting for an excuse to give it a go. A fully booked first choice (The Tolbooth) was the excuse we needed.
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I’ve got a wee cough

I turn 30 next week. While this isn’t the disaster some people would think it is, it’s a great excuse to take the week off. There will be no big updates or recipe posts for a week but all being well I should have lots to go up when I return to the blog.

The first of those updates should be the result of the first stage in The Inspiration Chain, the closing date is technically Friday but I won’t be checking it until Tuesday and I’ll post up the recipient of the book then. There’s still time to enter!

We’re off to Kinloch Rannoch for a few days and I’ll have my camera with me so expect a post all about that. Then when I return I’m going for a special birthday dinner before hitting the Stonehaven Real Ale Festival at the end of the week. Once the hangover clears from that I’ll post up reports from both.