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New Zealand – Beer

In the couple of weeks we spent in New Zealand we managed to visit most corners of the North Island and one thing stood out to me with regards to the beer down there. Good beer is everywhere! Surprisingly every bar and restaurant we visited had its taps dominated by New Zealand brews and not big multi-national brands (although Guinness was widely available in many bars as well). Continue reading “New Zealand – Beer”


Colonsay Brewery selection and Adnams Innovation

I was browsing for beer in the booze shop at the weekend and came across some colourfully labelled bottles from the Colonsay Brewery in the Hebrides. There were three different beers on offer, IPA, 80\- and a lager. Each with a pleasing blurb on the back.

“After a hard days brewing there is nothing better than to walk down to the pier with a couple of bottles of 80/- ale, throw a line over the side and catch something for supper. Aye right” Continue reading “Colonsay Brewery selection and Adnams Innovation”


A lager, an IPA and a cider

Had a nice relaxing weekend this week with not much going on, so that gave me the opportunity to pick up a few bottles to enjoy on Saturday night. Apologies for the dodgy focus and the vague descriptions. There were a few bottles in the fridge to get through before I remembered to take pictures for the blog…

First up was a German lager, Paulaner. This was really crisp with lots of flavour. Not too gassy and very easy drinking. Seems to be quite a common brand as well after doing some research earlier today so definitely one to keep an eye out for and pick up again.

Following that was a bottle (or 3) of Wainwright. This is a fairly mainstream IPA you should be able to find in a lot of supermarkets. I drank a ton of this stuff over the summer. It’s not a superstar but it’s very good, well priced and easy to get a hold of (I even saw it in a couple of pubs on a trip to East Yorkshire earlier in the year).

Then there was the cider. I don’t really have a relationship with cider. Every now and then I come into contact with some and it just reminds me why I never touch the stuff. Recently though I’ve tried a couple of better quality bottles that haven’t made me gag or immediately reach for the mouthwash and that’s made me re-examine my attitude to the drink. With that in mind I picked up a bottle of Tremlett’s Bitter. It certainly lived up to it’s name. Very sharp, especially as it warmed up out of the fridge. But I did finish the whole pint and very much enjoyed it. There was no hint of the sickly sweet alcopop sensation that makes me sick when I taste the commercial stuff (usually served with ice…). Guess I need to start looking closer at the cider shelf when I’m doing my booze shopping.