Einstok Icelandic Craft Beer


I picked up a couple if these great Icelandic beers this weekend. The doppelbock is very malty and strong but the star is the white ale. Brewed with coriander and orange peel it’s refreshing and very light. Just the thing after I ran my first half marathon today!

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Skelpt Lug


Sometimes I buy beer because it’s been recommended to me. Sometimes because I’ve had a wee taste and want more. Sometimes I buy beer because I like the name. Guess which one this is!

Unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to the billing. It’s a decent but slightly flat red ale. It’s, well, a bit dull. Still love the name though.

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Steak and ale pie

When I think of the food I enjoy the most it always seems dishes that involve chunks of meat cooked for a long time in boozy liquid are the ones that come to mind. A lamb shank cooked in red wine for a couple of hours or those French classics beef bourguignon and coq au vin. Any dish that involves moist meat which just falls apart without needing a knife and a thick, rich sauce which you can only get from a couple of hours of slow cooking is a winner. The only way you can make that better is by sticking some pastry on top of it. Continue reading “Steak and ale pie”


Colonsay Brewery selection and Adnams Innovation

I was browsing for beer in the booze shop at the weekend and came across some colourfully labelled bottles from the Colonsay Brewery in the Hebrides. There were three different beers on offer, IPA, 80\- and a lager. Each with a pleasing blurb on the back.

“After a hard days brewing there is nothing better than to walk down to the pier with a couple of bottles of 80/- ale, throw a line over the side and catch something for supper. Aye right” Continue reading “Colonsay Brewery selection and Adnams Innovation”

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Merry Christmas!

The present are wrapped, I’ve made the smoked mackerel pate for the starter on Saturday and I’m now sitting down with a glass of red while watching Elf on Film Four. Guess it’s finally Christmas! Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”