Drink, Thoughts

Merry Christmas!

The present are wrapped, I’ve made the smoked mackerel pate for the starter on Saturday and I’m now sitting down with a glass of red while watching Elf on Film Four. Guess it’s finally Christmas!

I’ve not been cooking much this week as we’ve tried to get through some leftovers in the freezer to make room for any festive food that needs a home. Having said that I got some veal escalopes from Devonick Dairy which I cooked tonight and they were delicious. I’ve got another pack in the freezer so will do a blog post about them soon.

On the drinks front I’m working my way through a very festive mini-keg of Clootie Dumpling ale. Perfect for this time of year. I also picked up a festive mixed case of wine which right now is doing a grand job of making me feel better after meeting up with some friends in The Moorings last night!

I can’t wait for the festivities over the weekend and the mountain of food to enjoy! I hope you all have a great Christmas, stay warm in this cold weather, eat lots of delicious food and drink some excellent booze.

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