A lager, an IPA and a cider

Had a nice relaxing weekend this week with not much going on, so that gave me the opportunity to pick up a few bottles to enjoy on Saturday night. Apologies for the dodgy focus and the vague descriptions. There were a few bottles in the fridge to get through before I remembered to take pictures for the blog…

First up was a German lager, Paulaner. This was really crisp with lots of flavour. Not too gassy and very easy drinking. Seems to be quite a common brand as well after doing some research earlier today so definitely one to keep an eye out for and pick up again.

Following that was a bottle (or 3) of Wainwright. This is a fairly mainstream IPA you should be able to find in a lot of supermarkets. I drank a ton of this stuff over the summer. It’s not a superstar but it’s very good, well priced and easy to get a hold of (I even saw it in a couple of pubs on a trip to East Yorkshire earlier in the year).

Then there was the cider. I don’t really have a relationship with cider. Every now and then I come into contact with some and it just reminds me why I never touch the stuff. Recently though I’ve tried a couple of better quality bottles that haven’t made me gag or immediately reach for the mouthwash and that’s made me re-examine my attitude to the drink. With that in mind I picked up a bottle of Tremlett’s Bitter. It certainly lived up to it’s name. Very sharp, especially as it warmed up out of the fridge. But I did finish the whole pint and very much enjoyed it. There was no hint of the sickly sweet alcopop sensation that makes me sick when I taste the commercial stuff (usually served with ice…). Guess I need to start looking closer at the cider shelf when I’m doing my booze shopping.

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