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Video Blog! Prawn and Chorizo Paella

I thought I’d do something special to mark the 1st birthday of the blog this month. Here’s the first video blog on the site! I’m cooking paella for this as it was one of the first recipes I posted on the blog back in August 2010.

It’s strange watching yourself on video. It’s also hard to edit! I seem to stir things a lot… must have cut out about 10 minutes of footage which was just me stirring a pan. The paella isn’t completely authentic (no carmelised bottom layer of rice and onions for example) but it’s delicious and really easy.

You can find the original recipe at

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts here. It’s a first for me so there’s a lot that can probably be improved!

4 thoughts on “Video Blog! Prawn and Chorizo Paella”

  1. Wow – I think you should do another one! I can’t believe that was your first one – it seemed so professional. My first thought was how Scottish you sounded. You have the same accent as me but we are obviously so used to hearing English or American accents on TV that hearing our own accent seems novel! You also have a very gentle and calming voice. My only slight criticism is that the background music was a little loud so I missed the odd bit of what you were saying.
    I also think you were wearing your slippers which gave it a lovely homely feel! 🙂
    I will certainly try the recipe. Steve usually makes a pork and spinach chorizo so I will make your one one night next week for a wee change. Ooh and we have the same chopping block!
    Happy Blogoversary. Love your blog.

  2. I can’t believe you mentioned my slippers in your comment! Thought I’d got away with that…

    Thanks for the kind words. I agree about the music. It didn’t seem so bad on my laptop so it could be YouTube’s compression. I’ll remember that if I do another one.

    1. Hee hee – yes, I thought mentioning your slippers would out me as a weirdo! (I probably outed myself a while back, though.)

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