The Bay, Stonehaven

After getting a good kicking at a taekwondo tournament in Montrose on Sunday (a long, frustrating day which saw me go out in the first round of every event) I decided to cheer myself up on the drive home. As I just happened to be going past Stoney I decided to head to the beach for a fish supper.

Having eaten at them all numerous times I’d say The Bay is the best of the current crop of fish and chip shops in the town (Stonehaven is blessed with more than it’s fair share of good ones it has to be said). Situated on the beachfront, next to a fantastic sweet shop that sells awesome ice cream, it’s little touches like making their own tartare sauce and mushy peas as well as offering a slice of lemon that make them stand out amongst their peers.

I went for the special, a jumbo hake fillet and was also tempted by a side order of their homemade mushy peas. The chunky fish was perfectly cooked with a fantastic crisp, golden batter. Sitting in the car, watching the waves (it was a bit stormy) crashing onto the beach while eating the delicious fish really helped take my mind off a long, disappointing day.

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