Another pig recipe! We had some diced pork in the fridge which was going to be for kebabs, but I fancied trying this instead. It’s kind of based on a paprika pork recipe I got from a book when I started cooking but I never really liked it. The book’s recipe only called for half an hour or so of cooking which meant the pork was tough and the whole dish was really bland. This is a jazzier version with softer, more tender pork from the longer cooking and a massive flavour boost from the chorizo.

I served it with some buttered bread but it would be great with rice, couscous or even in a wrap for lunch.

Serves 2

250g diced pork
1 onion, chopped
50g chorizo, sliced
2 green peppers
1 chilli
1 can chopped tomatoes
Bay leaf
200ml water
Chopped parsley

Chop the peppers into chunks and roast or grill them while you start the rest of the dish.
Gently fry the chorizo in a large pan until it’s released enough oil to coat the bottom, then remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.
Season the pork and fry it in the chorizo oil until browned all over. Set aside with the chorizo.
Fry the onions in the pan (add a little more oil if needed) until they’re just starting to brown, then add the chilli, chorizo and pork back into the pan.
Add a tablespoon of paprika, some oregano and stir round on the heat to release the paprika aroma.
Pour in the tomatoes and the water, add the bay leaf and reduce the heat to a light simmer. Cover the pan and cook for an hour and a half to two hours until the sauce has thickened and the pork is tender.
Immediately before serving add some chopped parsley.

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