Sam’l Smith Organic Best Ale

This is the kind of beer you should give to friends that still drink lager. It’s a gateway drug in the world of ales – crisp, refreshing, full of flavour and very, very drinkable.

There’s nothing complicated about this beer either. No zesty kick of lemon or overpowering hops, just a good balance and easy drinking. I could happily go through a whole crate of these, unlike some beers whose idiosyncrasies can wear thin by the time you’ve had a couple of them.

This is a great beer that I’m looking forward to drinking again.

2 thoughts on “Sam’l Smith Organic Best Ale”

  1. Here, here!
    I agree completely. All Sam Smith’s (John Smith’s brother, did you know..?) beers reek of quality without getting all poncey and overcomplicated (Brew Dog, anyone..?).
    Expect an amazing Winter Ale to be arriving shortly (limited numbers), for the perfect accompanyment to the darker nights.

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