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Food and drink I’ve enjoyed this week

Haven’t done much serious cooking again this week due to training and the Scotland game on Tuesday. The braised lamb shank on Sunday more than made up for it though, it tasted amazing. Just because there’s no recipe post doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped eating though.

Monday was fairly uneventful but Tuesday brightened up immediately when a colleague brought in a massive haul of cakes from CostCo to mark his birthday. My morning coffee accompaniement was the ridiculous cupcake you see on this page. The massive sugar rush along with the coffee kept me going easily until lunch!

Also on Tuesday night was a quick dinner idea before the football. A few chopped, deseeded tomatoes went into a frying pan with lots of olive oil and some oregano. Once they were softened a packet of prawns went in with half a lemon’s worth of juice and some seasoning. Let it all cook through a bit then add some basil, parsley some cooked spaghetti and another squeeze of lemon. Delicious. No pictures though as I was in a hurry, sorry about that.

Bangers and mash for tea tonight after I test out my new trainers with a 5k round town. I’ll probably post about that tomorrow as fitness is big on my mind right now.

I’ve also been drinking some fine beers. Can’t stop myself from nipping into the drinks emporium and so I found myself with another bottle of Sam’l Smith’s organic raspberry beer again (not as big a revelation second time round, but still very nice), a bottle of Furstenberg German lager, Cairngorm Wildcat and Brude from Deeside Brewery.

The Furstenberg was lovely, one of the best lagers I’ve had for a long time. Tasting something like that really makes you wonder why we put up with the rubbish we have over here masquerading as lager. Cairngorm’s Wildcat was also full of win. Don’t think I’ve had a bad beer from them yet and while Trade Winds is still my favourite Cairngorm beer this one will definitely get bought again. Lastly there was Brude. I had a pint of this in the Marine a few weeks ago and it was great, but the bottled version just didn’t live up to the billing. Flat and lifeless, such a shame. Maybe it was because I had it on it’s side in the fridge or it was simply a bad bottle, who knows?

I’m going to start posting more stuff about booze I think, it breaks up the monotony of recipe after recipe doesn’t it? It’s also a bit personal than my other idea of posting interesting food stories from the press. If you’re reading this blog you’re probably interested in food and will have read those stories already so there’s little point in me telling you about them again.

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