Aunty Betty’s ice cream shop


I finally accepted that winter is unlikely to return suddenly so I drove down to Stonehaven to get my winter tyres taken off. Seeing as I had an hour to kill and the sun was out I wandered across to the beach to get an ice cream from Aunty Betty’s. Their idea of a single scoop cone is pretty ridiculous!


A north east delicacy


It’s full of fat and has extraordinary levels of salt; but it makes a very tasty breakfast. If you don’t know what it is this is a buttery or rowie. Only found in the north east of Scotland, they’re like a salty flat croissant made with lard. Aitken’s in Torry make the best ones.

I should do a proper blog post on these sometime.


A capital weekend – 3 days in Edinburgh

We thought it would be a good idea to go to Edinburgh for the Scotland – Wales six nations match. Turns out that was a mistake, but the rest of the weekend was great. I’ll pick up from 75 minutes into the rugby. Probably best as everything before that was a bit disappointing. Anyway, we had enough and decided to steal a march on the rest of Murrayfield¬†so nipped out early. A long walk at a brisk pace brought us to Zizzi¬†before any other rugby fan and we managed to secure a table for two where we sat and watched the baying hordes arrive a couple of minutes later and be turned away. Continue reading “A capital weekend – 3 days in Edinburgh”

Food and drink

A local classic – Cullen Skink

I always want to feature more Scottish food, especially recipes from the north-east where I’ve lived my whole life. Cullen is a small village on the Moray coast, north of Aberdeen which is famous for one particular dish. A soup made of fish, milk, tatties and onion – Cullen Skink.

This is a very simple dish to make. You can knock it up in under half an hour if you’re efficient and have everything ready to go. I had a read through my books and found I had at least 5 recipes for this in my small collection. Most of them followed the same general pattern, with the River Cottage Fish book deviating the most and Leith’s Cookery Bible strangely adding tomato into the mix. The recipe below most closely follows Nick Nairn’s from New Scottish Cookery. Continue reading “A local classic – Cullen Skink”