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Whisky temptation

Argh! They’ve done it again. Why do single malts direct always send their email out when I’m skint?

Last time it was full of great sounding speysides like a 17 year old Benriach finished in Rioja casks. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? But as tempted as I was, funds are low just now so I had to pass (though I did get as far as adding the bottle to my basket and had my pointer hovering over the checkout button on the site).

Today’s email has special offers on Ardmore, Dalmore and Laphroig (and I’m all out of peaty whisky just now…), but I still don’t have much cash to my name.

Having said that it is payday next week and I’ve got a couple of weddings approaching, so I need something nice to put in my hip flask…