Stumbling across some local honeycomb

On a long bike ride through sunny Deeside I happened to pass a house with a hand painted sign outside simply saying “For Sale Comb Honey”. Well you have to stop to check it out don’t you? I pulled up to the side of the house to find an elderly gentleman who keeps a few bees and when he has an excess of honey (didn’t happen for him last year but this year has been a bumper one apparently) he packages up a few sections of honeycomb and sells it for a fiver from his house.

I like honey but have never tried a piece of the comb itself. Taking the box out of my jersey pocket and unwrapping it onto a plate then licking the sticky honey off my fingers was a nice preview of what was to come. I cut the sides and the comb slumped onto the plate then I cut a chunk off and the honey poured out onto the knife as I picked up the piece of comb and thoughtfully chewed on it. Turns out that comb honey is one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted! Amazingly sweet, runny and chewy all at once. A beautiful treat after a long bike ride in the sun.

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