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Veal Milanese

Every now and then I like to try and replicate a favourite restaurant dish. This time round it’s the turn of that Italian restaurant classic – veal milanese. I’m a big fan of veal – low in fat, high welfare (if bought from the UK) and it tastes great.

This dish is pretty simple. Blitz up some herby breadcrumbs, coat and cook the veal then leave somewhere warm while you cook the pasta with some sage and tomatoes. The whole thing can be cooked in under 20 minutes if you’re organised so it’s perfect for a mid-week meal

My photos are getting worse. Sorry about that. Maybe I should invest in some lights or probably just practice more.

Serves 4

1 slice of white bread
1 sprig rosemary
1 clove garlic
4 veal escalopes
6 tomatoes, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
Handful of chopped sage
Parsley, chopped
1 egg, beaten
Plain flour

Blitz up the bread with the rosemary leaves, garlic and some salt and pepper.
Wrap the veal in some cling film and bash it with a rolling-pin to thin it out.
Dip each escalope in some flour, egg then the breadcrumbs and fry over a medium heat.
Once they’re golden brown on both sides and the veal is cooked place them on some paper towels and leave in a warm place.
In the same frying pan you used for the veal gently fry the onions until soft.
Add the chopped tomatoes and sage and gently cook until the tomatoes break down.
Cook the spaghetti in some salted boiling water.
Once it’s al dente add a couple of spoonfuls of the cooking water to the tomatoes to create the sauce.
Drain the spaghetti, add it to the tomatoes and finish with some pepper and chopped parsley.
Serve the veal alongside the spaghetti.

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