I’m back!

The reason this blog has been so quiet over the last few months is that I’ve been kept busy with my impending marriage. Well I’m happy to report that on 20th October I was very proud to get married at Banchory Lodge Hotel in front of all our friends and family. It was a fantastic day, the hotel were superb. They’ve just finished doing a lot of refurbishment work and I don’t think they could have done anything better on the day. Top marks all round for the team at Banchory Lodge.

After the wedding we jetted off to New Zealand for a few weeks. Now we’re back and the jet lag is wearing off so I can start putting together some blog posts for the site. There’s definitely going to be a few New Zealand based ones going up in the next week and then after that I’m going to get fired into some new recipes and reviews again from home.

This last year has been incredibly busy and the site content has suffered for that. I’m happy with how the site is operating now it’s on my server and hopefully now I can get enough time to get the post rate back up and try to push the site on. Thanks to everyone that’s read and commented on the posts this year and please keep doing so. I want comments and discussions to be a big part of the blog and that can only happen if you keep taking part 🙂

I’ll leave this post with a picture of how we spent most of our time in sunny New Zealand.


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