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Low Fat Whisky Cream

One of the things my girlfriend has been missing the most since being diagnosed with gallstones is Baileys. Unfortunately as it’s made with cream it’s on the banned list for her. In the meantime she’s been making do with White Russians using semi-skimmed milk as a substitute, or at least she was until boxing day.

We were watching some TV after the second large feast in as many days but not really paying attention to what was happening on the programme. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that they were talking about Irish whiskey cream and the presenters were going to have a go at making their own. It was at this point I started paying a little more attention.

It turned out that all that is needed to make a version of Baileys was whiskey, coffee liqueur and cream. I started waving and pointing at the TV while trying to get my girlfriend’s attention, it’s essentially a White Russian with whiskey instead of vodka and we have all the ingredients for a White Russian. While I don’t have any Irish whiskey I definitely have plenty of Scottish whisky to spare, so I donated a bottle of Glenmorangie which I’m not overly fond of to the cause.

Mixed with some Kahlua and semi skimmed milk it makes a pretty good effort at being the real thing but with a much lower fat content. My girlfriend is delighted with the end product. I think I’ll need to buy a bottle of Grouse before the Glenmorangie runs out and she starts eying up the malts I do like!

Serves 1

A measure of Glenmorangie or Irish whiskey
An equal measure of Kahlua
Ice cubes
Semi-skimmed milk

Mix the whisky and Kahlua in a short glass, add the ice and fill the glass with the milk.

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