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Mikkeller Bar, Copenhagen

During our short visit to Copenhagen last month I paid a visit (two actually) to the bar of one of my favourite craft beer breweries – Mikkeller. Often experimental, always interesting, I’ve had a few bottles from of Mikkeller from my local booze supplier and hugely enjoyed their I Hardcore You collaboration with Brewdog.

Their bar in Vesterbro, Copenhagen being conveniently close to our hotel (a happy accident I promise) we were able to quickly stop past on the way back from a day spent wandering round the city, when the bar was absolutely heaving with hop aficionados, and then return the next day for a more relaxed couple of drinks while sat outside in the warm Danish sun.

The bar follows the familiar craft beer convention of some host taps and a large number of guest taps (mostly Surly and Three Floyds while we visited) with the menu on a large chalkboard above the bar (thankfully not at the neck punishing angle Aberdeen’s 6 Degrees North favour). The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming with the staff all too happy to discuss their beer.

I had a couple of glasses of the Vesterbro Wit, perfect for a hot holiday weekend. I love wheat beer when it’s sunny. The Abblebol (apple) beer didn’t quite hit the spot though. It is an interesting beer, quite sweet but it seemed to be missing something for me. Finally I checked out the large selection of guest beers and a glass of American brewer Surly’s Misanthrope. This turned out to be a pretty epic Saison with typically big flavours that you expect from craft breweries. I loved it.

Mikkeller have a few bars associated with them in Copenhagen, including Mikkeller and Friends in Norrebro which also features beer by Mikkeller protégés To Øl. Sadly we weren’t able to try the other bars on our visit but when we were watching the Champions League Final near our hotel at Islands Brygge I stumbled upon a bar with the excellent To Øl Sofa King Pale on tap, which made me very happy indeed.

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