Some young punks – Passion has red lips


I think the reason I don’t post about wine, despite drinking quite a lot of it, is that I don’t know if what I’m buying is worth telling you about and I don’t know how to describe the stuff properly. As much as I enjoy it I can’t get excited about it like I can about good beer or whisky. Part of the reason for that is that I find wine pretty predictable. The labels are almost all the same or follow similar themes and as long as you follow a few rules (don’t buy discounted wine, pay more than £6, avoid blossom hill, look for d.o.c or similar designation) you generally will get something drinkable.

It all gets a bit samey.

Then I saw this bottle on a shelf.

Passion Has Red Lips. With a label straight out of a movie poster from the 50s or a pulp comic. Aussie wine makers Some Young Punks are responsible for this. It grabbed my attention immediately and reading the label made me actually feel excited about wine in the same way I get excited about a new beer. Like the label the wine is bold and… er… busty. Big flavour of dark berries (the word brambles is jumping about it my head) without much of a bitter, tannic finish (does that make sense? do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?). This is a really great wine with a bit of attitude. A wine a guy can get excited about.

3 thoughts on “Some young punks – Passion has red lips”

  1. Been trying these wines recently. REALLY nice. Wee shop on Urquhart Road sells them too and they are a lot cheaper than up at Deeside Drinks (maybe different varieties are different prices though).

    The labels are awesome. They remind me of a wine BrewDog (if that makes any sense).

  2. Yeah that totally makes sense. It’s one of the things that attracted me to the wine and makes me wish someone would bring some of that attitude and excitement to whisky as well. Unfortunately I think the time it takes to produce whisky is a barrier to the kind of startup that would produce that kind of product. Although there’s always the blending route…

    I think the wines are priced differently depending on which one it is. They certainly were in Deeside when I was looking at them.

  3. Aye, I picked up a few bottles for around the £10 mark… the ones up in Deeside seemed to be around £20 (but they were the nice Shiraz and had the coolest labels). I could spend all day in that shop.

    I’m going to work my way through them all I think… as soon as I whittle my way through the beer cupboard a little.

    Great idea about whisky! *Runs off to open trendy distillery*

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