Before and After

It’s really amazing what a difference learning to cook and regular exercise can make. My Mum recently found a picture of me from December 2005 when I was considerably larger than I am now!

At my biggest I weighed over fourteen and a half stone and was shopping for forty inch waist trousers. Not a good look. Something had to give and so instead of my evening meal consisting of whatever came out of a frozen packet and cooked in 20 minutes I started to learn to cook. I also began exercising again for the first time in years. Now six years later I’m a confident cook, training for a half marathon, weigh a healthy twelve stone and can fit into thirty-two inch trousers.

It’s not rocket science and you don’t have to follow a fad diet. Eat more fresh food and do plenty of exercise and you’ll lose weight. The changes I made to my lifestyle back in 2005 weren’t huge but they’ve had a massive effect on me.

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