Cairn O Mohr – Autumn Oak

While we were in Pitlochry we visited a little whisky shop on the high street. If you happen to visit this shop DO NOT ask the guy with a beard if he’s got any good bargains! At least not if you want to leave quickly. Christ that guy can haver on.

Anyway I resisted the excellent selection of whisky they had but did get drawn to a display of wine bottles. I’d heard of Cairn O Mohr’s range of fruit wine and seen the van driving around occasionally but never had the opportunity to try any. Well as it’s made locally this place obviously decided it deserved some attention, they had a large display with the full range of fruit wine from Cairn O Mohr. We had a good browse and chose 3 bottles to try.

First up is the Autumn Oak. Made from leaves which they start to collect in early September before fermenting them along with some fruit to produce this remarkably golden coloured wine. I’m not sure what I expected but it tastes a lot more like normal wine than I thought it would. There’s more than a hint of good cider flavour in there as well. The end result is very drinkable and hugely enjoyable. I reckon this would make a great summer barbeque drink with friends, despite it’s autumnal origins.

It’s great to see some cheeky bottles of wine like this being produced in Scotland, even though we don’t have great grape weather. It makes a nice change from all the beer breweries (despite my love of beer). The bottles seem to be available from various sources around the country so if you come across it I’d definitely recommend trying a bottle or you can order direct from their frankly hideous website:

2 thoughts on “Cairn O Mohr – Autumn Oak”

  1. hah, you struck lucky!
    this is the only one of their range which is drinkable – mostly overly sweet and unbalanced (and their sales rep is distinctly creepy…).
    Be careful, you have been warned!!!

  2. Damn, really? We’ve got another 2 bottles from their selection to get through. We deliberately avoided the strawberry wine as my girlfriend had tasted it before and said it wasn’t good.

    Ah well I’ll drink them with an open mind and hope for the best.

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