What’s going on this week and some recipes to look forward to

I’m taking a step back from the oven this week after my flurry of cooking since I started the blog last month. I’m in training mode just now so lots of quick and simple dinners after training that aren’t really worth telling you about and on the other nights this week my girlfriend is taking the reins in the kitchen (last night’s chicken with a creamy sauce including bacon, peas and spinach was awesome) which means I don’t have the recipes to give you.

So posts are light this week but I’ll try and put something up on the fitness training I’m doing and I’ll try to blog some dinner on Friday before the Scotland game kick’s off 🙂

We’ve got a big day planned for Saturday, aiming to climb a munro for the first time if the weather stays good so expect to read more about that over the weekend. As for forthcoming recipes, I’ve been given a gumbo recipe by some friends in America that I’m keen to try out sometime. It’s been a while since I’ve had homemade pizza so I think a post about that might appear soon. I also want to have a second attempt at making tablet (a very sweet, Scottish snack made from condensed milk and sugar) after my last one failed miserably, and to finish off I want to try making some butteries (a breakfast bread roll from north east Scotland, similar to croissants but high in fat and salt) sometime to post on the blog.

In the meantime let me know what you think about the blog so far and if there’s anything you want to see more of or if there’s an area you think I should try and improve.

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