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We were on holiday in Tenerife last week. It’s the first time I’ve been to the island and I was struck by one thing when there. Eating out on the island is almost entirely an awful experience, at least for the first two days

However after on the third day we finally found a small street with no dickheads standing outside assuming you can’t read a menu (which is almost always the same as every other menu and littered with terrible photos of grey looking grilled meat). Even better, all the restaurants had unique menus and cooked great tasting food. We went back to try as many of them as we could fit in! The two standouts were a brilliant Lebanese restaurant with superb homemade Baklava/Paklava and a Spanish restaurant serving brilliant seafood dishes like Langoustines in a brandy sauce and some awesome octopus.

Aside from the rubbish food at the start the holiday was great. Hot and sunny every single day. Which made getting off the plane in Aberdeen to 14 degrees and raining all the more fun! But I still like coming home.

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